What is the thickness of the material used for the shapes?
Our shapes are made from 6 mm thick MDF. If you require a different thickness, you can always indicate this through e-mail.

Can I also suggest my own ideas?
Sure you can, your ideas are very welcome. Submit your questions and ideas to us by means of e-mail or the online contact form on this website.

What is the delivery time of my order?
We work with a delivery time of a maximum of 2 weeks, but in most cases we ship the orders within 1 week. The delivery time also depends on the number of shapes you have ordered.

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs of an order depend on the weight of the package. Up to 30 kg the shipping costs are €7.50 for Holland, from 30 kg €12,90 in Europe. Send an e-mail . 

I plan to spend a large amount in the web shop; does this entitle me to a discount?  
Yes, for orders of €150 (excl. VAT) and over we grant a discount of 10%. 

I wish to place an order for an entire school/Out of School Care/nursery (or another organisation); do you charge the same price as you do in the web shop for such an order?
If you wish to order a large number of shapes for an entire school/Out of School Care/nursery (or another organisation) you can request a quotation from us through info@kidsworx.nl without any obligations.